080217: On Race Ninjas and Cyberbullying


9 thoughts on “080217: On Race Ninjas and Cyberbullying

  1. Definitely, there will be cheaters, I was witness to one race organized by rantarantantan , a group of giggly girls made a turn around at the middle of the Buendia flyover and took selfies , just could not understand it, fun run Lang daw di ba, but why?, just for the medals, tsk tsk tsk, mabuti pa yon race bandits tinapos ang race
    which is worse ba?


    • It being a fun run is no excuse for people to cheat. Cheating is still cheating whether it be in a fun run or more known runs such as Milo. Once they get away with, they think it’s a normal thing to do.


  2. Do you have any idea on how hard getting / training for a sub- 3:30 full marathon?
    The guy texting at the finish line clocked in (Chip) at 3:25:44 , can you imagine running at 4:52 per km pace in a full marathon with that body and still look THAT fresh? He got called out by the community and decided to deactivate(?) his facebook account, and never made an attempt to defend himself, so yeah, I call BS on his Gun/Chip time too.

    On the side of the BIG/ger guy tho, he clocked in (Chip) at 03:52:21 , and people have posted / seen photos of him (smaller / a lot more thin) on his past marathons and events, and he seems to be well experienced. I’ve seen big guys like him in ultramarathons that finish in fast / decent times. IMO , give the big guy the benefit of the doubt, he looks drenched in sweat, experienced , his time is highly plausible.

    tl;dr ,
    Texting guy is a cheater 100% , Big guy is not actually sub 3:30 but sub-4 and experienced, time could be plausible imo.KTHXBYE


    • It’s really hard to prove cheaters in running events. Unless you have real hard evidence, it’s a your word against mine battle. 😐
      Funny, but someone told me the opposite of your opinion— they’ve been seeing the big guy (possibly) cheat in past events as well. As to who is really cheating, we may never know until they themselves speak out.


  3. Hey. Thanks for echoing my thoughts. There’s also the case of the milo shirt supplier selling off factory rejects pre-race, hence, some of them landed on the bodies of 10k runners.


    • From what I’ve read, an officemate of one of those pictured and posted online wearing a 42k FS running a 10k distance said that having run out of singlets, they were given 42k FS instead. Crazy, right? 😣


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