9th Bataan Death March (BDM102) 2017

No, no, NO!
I didn’t run this one, but a lot of my running friends did. 👏👏👏

With every first, there’s a story to tell and here are just some of the newest BDM Warriors sharing in their own words their BDM102 ultramarathon experience.
For those who dream of running BDM or for those who are just curious to know what it takes to become a BDM warrior, read on.

Ryan Rentillo


Why BDM?
Besides sa historical part ng BDM, as a runner gusto ko lang matry ung mga race ng ibat ibang RDs. Para lang matest ko ung sarili ko kung kaya ko.
Preparations Done
Usual prep lang sa mga races, strengthening, maintenance runs and long runs.
Problems Encountered
Ung mga problems nagstart na sa km 70 onwards. 😂 hindi na nawala ung cramps sa both calves ko tapos worst umakyat sa hamstring. Kaya nagdecide ako na wag na pilitin. Hindi na din ako makakain kasi every time na magloload ako lumalabas lang din.😜
On crossing the finish line
Approaching ung FL madami na nag chicheer, malapit na, push.😊 Sawakas! Success!
Advice lang, sundin lang ung training program especially ung mga long runs. Tapos maghydrate days before and during the run. Matulog, wag matigas ang ulo.😂
Time finished:  16:37:26 (Rank 103)

Frederick Peñalosa


Why BDM?
BDM is BDM. It is every ultra runners bucket list finishing a BDM. Sabi nga you are not a serious runner if you will not join a Milo marathon, siguro ganun din sa ultra runner you should finish BDM and for trail runner finish the H1.
Preparations Done
I followed the training program used of one of my idol in running, Doc G, ( 24 weeks progression training), pero hindi natin na perfect, I just did 78% of the total milleage for 24 weeks. Month of December ang mahirap na part of training, ang Christmas and New Year pumatak sa weekend, long LSD pa naman. Some sacrifice needed just for all these training, one of those is our family time, dami ko na utang sa mag-ina ko.
Problems Encountered
At 70km mark along Dinalupihan, I felt a pain on my right knee, since aabot naman ako sa silver medal pero di na nga lang sa target time ko, ginawa ko for the last 30km purely power walk na lang.
On crossing the finish line
Wala ako maiisip, same ng first FM ko, first ultra trail ko, parang lutang sa finish line Advice/Tips
Sa mga nangangarap,gawin nyo na, huwag nyo na patagalin, puso lang at determination yan
Time Finished: 15:20:35 (Rank 53)

Rye Daza


Why BDM?
Learning about the (actual) Bataan Death March during school days really stuck in me as one of the most tragic events in our history. To be able to run the distance is my way of paying respect and honoring our forefathers and the heroes that gave us the freedom we enjoy today. This is why I have never done other 100-Kilometer road event. Because I want my century distance run to be significant and meaningful (at least to me that is).
Preparations Done
Mileage, solid food during training, heat training, and more mileage. The basics. But honestly, my training was a failure. I was about 400 Kilometer short from my plotted training plan. It resulted from overlapping of events. I only got to focus on my BDM training after Milo Marathon Finals. Which is less than 2 months from the event.
Problems Encountered
1. Weak mindset. I gave up 3 times during the run, and almost declared DNF twice. I wasn’t prepared but all because of avoidable circumstances. I did not get to sleep hours prior to the event, as in zero minutes sleep. I had to take a nap on the roadside. 2. Posterior Tibial Tendonitis from KM 76. I had to walk the entire (last) 23K stretch.
On crossing the finish line
I was hoping for a more festive finish line moment just like last year. But I guess there is a huge difference in our perception from being a support crew to the actual runner. Advice/Tips
Train hard. Train everything. From mileage, to heat, etc. Be very prepared, because 100 KMs is 100 KMs. And BDM is BDM. And make sure to have enough rest and sleep! No sleep runs only works for 21K, trust me.
Time Finished: 15:21:09 (Rank 54)

Paolo Tiong


Why BDM?
It’s one of my bucket list races. I told myself before that if I will ever do a 100km race, BDM will be my top choice.
Preparations Done
Heat training, back to back long runs, eat training (to practice race day nutrition)
Problems Encountered
The blister under my left foot. It really bothered me starting Km 70. At Km 90+ I really, really wanted to sit and rest because of this blister..good thing that I did not give in.
On crossing the finish line
I am very very happy! I finished almost 45 mins before the cut off, w/c is better than I expected. All the sacrifices and hardwork paid off.
Race day nutrition is very important. Eat before you get hungry. Don’t rely too much on gels..eat real food. Incorporate this in your training. – Listen to tips and advices from runners w/ bdm experience – Have a race day plan and try to stick to it -Be alert, specially during the night, for reckless/drunk drivers (I almost got hit by a tricycle). -Pray..not just for yourself but for your fellow runners as well. Have fun! Not just on race day but during trainings as well. Enjoy the whole experience.
Time Finished:  17:15:07 (Rank 151)

Jonas Gulle Olandria

Why BDM?
Prestigous/original century road ultramarathon! Every runners dream – it’s like the Ironman of running! Basis/gauge of your limits for more longer runs!
Preparations Done
Heat training, speed training, despite being a slow runner which helped. Master a run walk interval you like, if you are into run walk. TBR days helped! Never miss long runs. If you can’t do back to back long runs, do at least 1 long run closest to 50km better. Vitamins, vitamins! 2 weeks before the race anticipate hassles like being sick, not getting enough rest. Anticipate those and find ways to prevent it. Find ways to find time to balance the 3: work, life, balance. Maintain a running weight —  fruit shakes!
Problems Encountered
At km80+,  it seemed whatever I chewed, I had a hard time swallowing. What I did was swallow together with water. We couldn’t find the beer flavored energy gel. At km88, I was already planning to quit as I felt that the time was not on my side.
On crossing finish line
I was teary eyed already at km99, but I tried to hold it back. Great relief as my hardwork and training paid off. Happy! Euphoria! Nirvana! Felt like I was on drugs!
Visual run walk timer: Meralco post are 50 meters apart. If you’re already tired, avoid walking too much. Nutrition— Don’t wait for you to bonk. Eat, eat, eat! Eat egg soup and gels at KM 80++ especially if can’t chew and swallow anymore due to exhaustion. If can run with a group or team, better.  If you are a slow runner, KM83 is crucial. You should be there on or before 12p.m.  Bring pictures of your daughter, kid or anything that motivates you. Hydrate. Never, never, never dehydrate yourself. Time and train yourself when to drink. During training, learn to eat solid food to avoid sidestitch. Heat training. Find a supportive crew — wife, friend, batchmate. Find time to smile and laugh while running. Bring with you a copy of your target time per kilometer (e.g. 10KM – 1.50, 20KM – 3.00). Read the rules of BDM. If you can print it, better.
Time Finished:  17:39:00 (Rank 199)

Marc Anthony Gonzales


Why BDM?
For me, finishing BDM 102 is considered a huge feat in running. I also see it as an ultimate test of physical and mental endurance. Also, given that BR (Bald Runner) is strict in implementing the rules of his event, you know that all finishers of BDM ran the course fairly.
Preparations Done
It definitely helped that several members of my team (Team Matindi) were also gunning for this race, so we followed a running plan specifically designed for a 102-km run. We would do the maintenance runs separately during the weekdays, and the LSDs together during weekends. Honestly, I wasn’t able to religiously follow the required mileage per week due to several factors (work, most notably). I made up for it by cross-training and strengthening my core. I also mentally prepared myself by doing solo LSDs since I know that running alone along the course will be inevitable and may take its toll on my mindset. On top of that, I did breathing and hydration experiments and some heat training during my solo LSDs.
Problems Encountered
In early December I had a bone fracture in my smallest toe, preventing me from doing any form of running for five weeks. Because of it I wasn’t able to do the longest LSDs as required by the training plan, and by the time my injury would’ve healed it was almost taper time. To compensate, I used the elliptical machine at the gym and did core exercises, and participated in FatAss the first weekend immediately after my fracture healed. Another problem I encountered was getting sick for several days before the event (I was down with flu, cough, and colds for five days). So, aside from loading up on electrolytes and potassium the week prior to the race I also loaded up on Vitamin C to strengthen my immune system. During the race itsellf, my right knee started acting up around KM 25. I told myself it still is a long way so I had to make sure my condition wouldn’t worsen. By KM 40, my left knee starting aching as well. Good thing my support crew was there to spray liniment on my legs and massage them during pit stops.
On Crossing the Finish Line
I was feeling ecstatic upon seeing the corner leading to the finish line, which gave me that surge of energy to give it my all and finish strong. After I crossed the finish line, I felt happy and very much relieved. I only had praises and gratitude to my support crew and teammates for constantly pushing me to my limit.
Train, train, train. I couldn’t say it more. What I did (i.e. going into the race not doing the requisite mileage) was a huge gamble. Stick to your training plan as much as possible. Incorporate heat training. BDM 102 starts at 10 PM and the cut-off is at 4 PM. The crucial parts (when most are already starting to feel signs of aches and pain) will be at the hottest times of the race. Make sure you have done enough heat training to be attuned to the extreme condition, and what to do (hydration/nutrition) then. Mentally prepare as well. As much as it is a physical endeavor, running an ultramarathon is a mental game. You will encounter moments when you will doubt yourself or think of giving up. Do solo LSDs so you can mimic the actual race wherein you will be running alone (without someone nearby) for several kilometers. Strengthen your core. Aside from training your legs to endure a very long run, strengthening your core is essential in any form of workout, especially for endurance activities such as an ultramarathon. Plan your nutrition. Weeks before the race until the event itself, make sure that you have enough electrolytes, potassium, protein, etc to fuel you on race day. Have a plan per pit stop. Inform your support crew beforehand the things you need per pit stop. This way, the crew will be organized in providing you the support you need upon reaching every stopover. Address your running-related problems early on. If you are prone to a running-related injury (side stitch, plantar fasciitis, ITBS, etc), make sure you have seen a doctor or therapist to have it assessed and for appropriate treatment/advice. It will also help to read up on possible remedies for these. Have a purpose and set it as your goal. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this race?” Be it to commemorate our soldiers who traversed this 102-km stretch during WWII or simply just to advocate good health, having a goal set in your mind motivates you even more to finish this race. I got into running initially for my father’s good health (my first marathon was on his 65th birthday, and he passed away a few days after my second marathon that same year). Now that he is gone, I shifted my purpose on my family members’ continued good health, especially my five-month-old nephew who has a heart condition.
Time Finished: 17:08:50 (Rank 137)

Iexer Mesina Vaflor


Why BDM?
Before I heard that it’s a prestigious event I’m very interested already to join, my grandfather is WW2 veteran Atty. Rosendo Vaflor, I dedicate this since 2015 but DNS for domestic reason then 2017 As finisher .
Preparations Done
Since inception confirmed payment, 8 months to go to your big night…make sure your 50km is sub 8 , 1 hour heat training every week , health check every month, mind control that you should, then you can finish!
Problems Encountered
Got unwanted injury just notice I have in balance problem and inner left tendon was affected but have to continue the fight..almost DNF at km25++ , my support crew is my back bone , I told them pain management. Boom ! New PR.
On crossing the finish line
Always picture yourself at the finish line. Respect to Unsung Heroes.
You weren’t force to join. No whining. Don’t overtrain. Good shoes and socks, nutrition plan, time game plan and enjoy the heat!
Time Finished:  17:17:56 (Rank 158)

Chek Mercado


Why BDM? 
Since I’m running ultras, BDM (Bataan Death March) for me is the most prestigious ultramarathon in the Philippines because it commemorates our fallen soldiers.
Preparations Done
A friend gave me a 6-month training plan to follow and tweeked it to fit into my schedule. The plan consists of 4-5 runs per week including back to back weekend long runs. Since I tweeked the program, I sometimes run 6 times per week.
A friend also told me to taper and do more core trainings than runs 2 weeks before the event which I also did and helped me cross the finishline.
Problems Encountered 
During training, felt sick a couple of times. Other times, too lazy to train. 😉 During the race, I encountered a minor accident. A bike bumped me that made me sort of hyperextend my knees due to sudden stopping. My ITBS locked up also for a good 3-4kms. But I’m really thankful for my support crew and from other runners for helping me out (Especially the phrase “Sayang ang 4500″haha)
On crossing the finish line 
Elation, Happiness, Relief, there are too many words to describe I cannot name it all. 😊
Also this race made me realize that anyone can walk the whole 42k and finish it before 9hrs (TBR cutoff). Which I did. Sulit ang 4500 kung gusto mo ng “SAKITAN”.  😂
Train hard and smart, be mentally prepared, make sure you are up to it. BDM is BDM. This year is not that hot unlike the previous ones but you’ll still feel the heat if you’re an average guy like me. 😊
Time Finished: 16:59:08 (Rank 124), mahilig talaga ako sa binggit ng oras. 😛

Swoosh Dela Rama


Why BDM?
I know BDM only as Bataan Death March but I really don’t know much of my history because I’m not really fond of studying ever since my schooldays hahaha. I first heard of BDM102k race when I joined the 10th Tagaytay 2 Nasugbu 50k Ultramarathon last year of may 2016, BDM was so much anticipated, everywhere I go/look I always overheard people talking about it as if it’s every runners ultra-DREAM race, then I said to myself no one in their right mind would do that, never in my wildest dreams that I would be running a 102km distance. But when I won 1st runner up in the 1st Isla ng Catanduanes Ultra Marathon 65km category, it did came cross my crazy mind. I tried to dream of it, I did dream for BDM102. I said to myself I want more. I can do more, so after ICUM w/o any hesitations I registered and deposited the money together w/ my fellow Fairview Running Club team mates Raff Maestro, Ralph Gabat, Saturnino Camangonan, allan Bandiola, Joel Rodriguez and Joel Diaz and start prepping for it.
Preparations Done
I trained every day for it day in and day out, trained for it religiously, asked every elite ultra-runners I know for tips & advices especially my dear friend Jah Santander, the sweetest ultra-runner I’ve ever known, I always listen to her and watch/follow her every races, I also even brought 2 watches in the race as she did hahaha, I even thought of bringing an egg timer luckily my mom doesn’t have one hahaha
Problems Encountered
The only problem I encountered in the race is that my team runner my support vehicle is 2x faster than me, I really can’t catch up w/ his pace, but with God on my side and “my friend” “my champion” Emily Jean Laqui & #haringmaharot “Lao Ogerio” as my support crew on my back, deym! So lucky I only had 4 dead toe nails HAHAHA then finally!!!
On crossing the finish line
I saw the finish line at last!!! My tears started to fall until I crossed the finish line then I cried more like a baby not just because that the race is over & conquered but because I missed 12 minutes for the Gold medal. Never the less, I thought of everyone who believed in me and who supported me w/ this BDM journey, there’s a smile painted on my lips while crying never left my face the feeling was immeasurable and simply amazing,..
Tips & advice? Hmmm… Don’t do it, not unless you are crazy enough to wake up every 3am in the morning just to put your body trough pain to train hard and run hard, “BDM102 is not for everyone, but if you dream and work hard for it.
Time finished:  13:12.05 (Rank 19)

Marielle Magramo


Why BDM?
I really never imagined doing BDM. It was a far fetched dream. But I got to join TBR Dream twice so maybe it was destiny to be in the BDM Dream. Kidding aside. As I started loving running, BDM sounded challenging to me. It is every runners’ ultimate goal. The first time I heard it, parang its so surreal. Imagine running the same grounds like what our heroes on 1942? For me its the challenge and the history behind the run. For me its the perfect time to do something worth doing and worth remembering in my life.
Preparations Done
I dont have formal training as I don’t have much time because I work in night shift and Im a single mommy so I had to balance everything and sacrifice little things here and there. I just did plenty of runs (LSD and races) since September to January. I did basic core strengthening. Had trouble catching good sleep so I had to manage. I am on a seafood diet – you know i see food then i eat it?! Seriously I appreciate food so much so dieting was a challenge. I just made sure to eat healthy 3 weeks before BDM.
Problems Encountered
I could not eat that much during the race so i had to take GU to fuel me. My friends would force me to eat and I manage to take few snacks just for the sake of it. Felt vomiting at one point with the banana I ate. I encountered chaffing around km 80 until finish line. Couldnt barely walk properly because of the chafe. Sore quads, legs but managed the pain by running and avoided resting/walking too much.
On crossing the finish line
I would say its all about mental preparation. This is why LSD matters. You have to push yourself to train long distances. The body is already giving up, it’s your head that you need to convince. But when you let your heart decide, no goal is unachievable. It’s the heart of the warrior that pushed me to the finish line.
What worked for me may not work for others. So I would just share my top ten tips.
There are no limits. Dream as high as you can but make sure to strive in achieving that dream. Dont let anyone stop you from pursuing greater things. But couple it with diligence to train and become a better runner.
Train without fail. Ideally, its best to take it one step at a time, from 10k to 21k to 42, 50k, 65, etc before jumping to 102. You have to build not only speed but endurance and stamina to finish an ultramarathon. Do your runs. Do heat training. Finish your LSDs. Find a support group. Find friends who shares the same craziness you have. If you go thru DNFs – embrace it. It will make you stronger. Trust me.
They said prevention is better than cure. This is very much true with chaffing. Make sure you apply petroleum jelly or baby in every singit of your body. Personally I use baby oil which I practiced during trail runs. It doesnt wear off easily and is very easy to apply.
Don’t every try something you have not done during LSDs. Prior to BDM, test your crazy ideas during LSD. Do not wear anything new running item or underwear. Dont eat anything new on the day before BDM.
I did not do plenty of carbo loading. I just ate right. Ate more healthy food. Ate TUNA, OATMEAL, SWEET POTATO, all kinds of banana. Im not a vitamin person but during race events, i take vitamins. Seven days before BDM, I took PHARMATON and 2 tablespoons of VCO (virgin coconut oil) on my coffee. Three days before BDM I loaded up on pocari sweat for my puhunan of electrolytes. My exercises are limited. I only do squats, lunges, planking, push ups. I wish I could do more but I think this strengthened me. If you have a training session – grab that opportunity.
6. PRAY.
Not for miracles. But for safety. Running in BDM involves very dark areas and there will be drunk people/triycle/bicycle drivers that you may encounter. You have to pray for uncontrollable forces around you.
Start getting good sleep because its going to be impossible to sleep the night before BDM. Trust me.
Finding support crew is very crucial. Its best to get friends and people you can trust. Why? Friends already know you as a person. They would understand your breaking points. They know how freak you are. BDM support is not just doing it by the book. My support crew went beyond friendship that event. They offered me their time and effort. They sacrificed hours away from their loved ones. How can I find the courage to fail them? Take care of your support crew. Bring stuff for them. Make sure they also eat on time and are able to take naps. Your crew should bring stuff they can do while waiting for you to finish. Bring powerbanks. At the end of it all, they will become part of your success and you will not forget them for the rest of your life.
9. STUDY and OBEY the RULES.
BDM and PAU races are known for its discipline. Its not just about running but gaining that sense of maturity as a runner. Study the route. If time allows it, do a recon. Read previous BDM rules. Discuss with your support crew each and every detail.
Even in arduous times. Even at your lowest point. Running in ultramarathon will make you question yourself a lot of times. Why am I here? Why am I doing this? Why do I want to suffer when I can just sleep and rest? Always be positive. Smile and just do your best. When you want something so bad, everything else will follow. Just take in positive vibes and aura.
Time Finished: 15:54:43 (Rank 83)

Rona Carandang


Why BDM?
For me, BDM is a measure of both physical and mental strengths of an ultra runner. Chos!
Preparations Done
I’m a weekend warrior but I know that joining ultramarathons almost every month were not enough preparation for a 102K race. So, my plan was to start training (l call myself a lazy runner because I don’t train much 😌) for BDM in September 2016. Unfortunately, I was not able to stick to it because I had to battle cough and cold for almost 2 months. I even missed 2 registered races due to my condition. When I already felt well I registered for another ultra and tried to catch up with my training by doing power walks on an uphell route. Wrong move… Several days after the event I noticed a slight pain when I bend my right knee. I went to my rehab doctor (she was also the one who diagnosed me with a pulled meniscus after my first marathon in 2014) and was told that I have bursitis and need to undergo 6 PT sessions. I was also advised to stop running for 2 weeks. But I can’t since I am already registered for a 117K race. She let me run but asked me to rest after the race which I DNFed (my second DNF, first DNF was in 2015 for a 120K distance. Oh Andres!) After this, I was at my lowest point and finishing BDM felt so out of reach. After completing my PT sessions last December I joined a 65K Ultramarathon with unlimited uphells. Glad that my bursitis did not bother me. Afterwards, I tried to catch up again with my training but tried the stationary bike instead and only use treadmill for 5 to 10 minutes. Longest LSD for January was only 30K. I also got tips from sir Day Walker, JN Tbr and from other runners.
Problems Encountered
Week leading to BDM:
– Tuesday: sore throat which later “evolved” and turned into a cold
– Wednesday and Thursday: Dysmenorrhea plus my cold virus
Friday morning until Saturday Afternoon: Migraine plus my beloved cold virus
I hate taking meds but for BDM I had to and luckily, my migraine disappeared and only had to deal with the virus. (I had to carry tissue/wipes during the run).
– During the race I noticed that I had a hard time swallowing chocolates, bananas, cookies and even chips which wasn’t a good sign. If I wanted to cross the finish line I had to eat. So when my support team asked what I wanted to eat I said, Lugaw. I ate lugaw thrice (#poweredbylugaw). Best support team.
– At 34K, I had cramps on the upper left side of my body extending to my left shoulder.
– I can’t remember exactly where but after 50K there was a slight pain in my left knee (meniscus decided to make its presence known) so I had to walk and wait for the pain to subside before I resume running again.
– I think it was around 90K that the top of my right foot started to hurt badly. Good thing we have a medicated spray ready.
On crossing the finish line
On top of the world! 😊 My third attempt for a 100K plus distance and I nailed it this time. With tears of joy din pala.
Please create a training plan as early as possible and religiously stick to it. Injuries can be prevented when you have enough training. Just don’t overdo it. Always listen to your body. Be mentally prepared, too. Involve your support team when you create a game plan so they will know how to take care of you.
Time Finished: 17:36:56 (Rank 193) Yay! I still can’t believe that I was able to complete BDM102.

Jay-R Velasco


Why BDM?
BDM (Bataan Death March) is said to be the most prestigious ultramarathon event in the country. It’s every ultramarathoner’s dream to complete. This despite the fact that the race organizer does not provide aid stations during the race and purposely let runners run under the scorching heat of the sun in order to depict the historical march of the filipino soldiers during the world war. I never thought of joining BDM before but I think the challenge and masochista of my inner self prevailed upon me.
Preparations Done
Just like other ultra events that I have already joined, my preparation starts by searching for the elevation profile of the route so that I will know on what will I have to prepare and expect. I have also asked previous BDM finishers for tips in order to survive BDM. It appears that the tips I have received are all the same – to have heat training on a long, straight, and boring flat road. I have also tried to read blogs about the ordeals of previous BDM participants have to endure. Maybe it also become part of my preparation for BDM is joining various ultramarathon events last year in order to become more tougher. But most of the ultras I have joined have organizers who take care well of their runners by offering enough food and drinks in designated aid stations which is exactly the opposite in BDM. I am just very fortunate that my ultra-buddy Laico made ampon of me on his team for the BDM. BDM preparation took a halt two months before the event when I suffered a severe sprained left ankle while playing basketball. And it happened on the eve of ABDUM 117K event. Despite the injury, I still proceed to finish ABDUM but feared that the injury got aggravated. Thus, I need to rest the injury for almost a month. No running activity was done. BDM preparation resumed 3-weeks before the event. I made sure that for each week, I would log a total of 50km mileage wherein most are done during the weekends. Its hard to include training during weekdays due to proximity of my house to office place. I fear that my training preparation is not enough most especially there is no heat training involved. I am just counting on the experiences on previous ultras that I have joined in order to survive BDM.
Problems Encountered
Everything seems to be going fine on most part of the race. The weather is very cooperative. I feel relax and made sure that I am running in my own pace. Everything is going well until I reached Km 83. Skin chaffing between my legs is so painful and for some reasons, my feet felt like lazy to run. Km 85 is when my legs and feet really surrendered. My feet does not want to run anymore. Hence, I decided to just walk to the finish line.
On crossing the finish line
Upon seeing the finish line and with 200-meters left, all the pain and fatigue suddenly disappear. It felt so surreal and have overachieved already. I feel that I can end my ultramarathon craziness right then and there.
You can finish / complete any ultramarathon event when you believe in yourself that you can do it. Just don’t forget to enjoy and have fun when running. However, you have to respect the distance. That is why right training and preparation is very, very important. During the event day, just relax and trust your training. Don’t overdo anything and just run according to your pace (Normally, I don’t allow myself to run with supermamaws during a race). And the most important of all, pray to God to keep you safe, and away from harm and injuries.
Time Finished: 14:49:46 (Rank 49)


* Photo Credits:  JN Tbr, Active Pinas, Camp Big Falcon

*.    *.    *.    *.    *

Last year, I ended my BDM blog with the question if I’d someday run BDM myself.

Okay, truth be told, I had actually sent a letter of intent for this years BDM just wanting to see if I’d make it to the chosen few.

I didn’t.

Actually, I didn’t really expect to as I had no idea what I was supposed to write in the letter. I couldn’t ask BDM finishers as I wanted to keep everything under wraps. 😝

So, there.

Honestly, I felt kind of bad not getting in, but accepted the fact that perhaps it wasn’t for me.
Little did I know that BR (Bald Runner — the race director) would actually come up with a second batch of those accepted and this time, I got my e-mail stating I got in. 😮
As many paid the registration fee at once upon acceptance as required, I didn’t. The race was 10 months away and I felt anything could happen in between.
Perhaps, I didn’t feel I was ready enough. If I wanted to do something, I wanted to be 100% sure about it. Something in me told me I wasn’t 100% in on this one.

So today, my answer remains the same.
The ever willing support crew is complete, but the runner has yet to be convinced. 😶



Who knows? Maybe my next BDM blog might just be my own. 🤔



4 thoughts on “9th Bataan Death March (BDM102) 2017

  1. NIce read, kudos! Reading those experiences from preparation, training & food management of finisher/warriors enlightened me to pattern & do the same… should my LOI picked for this 10th BDM. What worries me is that “can i do that with my age” (50’s) . I guess, having finished 5 ultra distance routes (50k+) will not be a guarantee to finish within cut-off time this kind of event. Hmm… for the meantime, this dream remains a dream… and will stick to that dream until chosen among the few! #roadto102.


    • I think there’s no limit in age for running, especially ultras. I’ve seen senior ones take over us many times. Wala sa age yan… nasa puso and how bad you want to finish it.
      Good luck! Hope you make it to Batch 10 of BDM102!


  2. Thank you! Fingers crossed ;-). Btw, can you also have blogs on those warriors who failed to finish BDM 102/160, their own personal experiences. Why there’s such a thing as “did not finish”, what prompted them to withdraw from the challenge. Those unexpected things happened while on the course, what went wrong before & during the race that triggered them to stop the journey because of a matter of life & death issue, (too much heat & exhaustion, food or water hydration (was it excessive or inadequate), no enough sleep hours or days before the race, wrong vitamins/supplement/energy booster before or during the run, nervous or too anxious, too much apprehensions, not following or no game plan at all (hour by hour or every 5km distance) too much caffeine on the road, not in focus, mental stability, too much intake of gatorade or energy drinks, high blood pressure, blood sugar, calcium, potassium, wrong approach on dealing uphill/downhill, cramps & other injuries, etc. How to prevent or what to do, how to deal in case any of these problems is encountered while on the run. Any input in facing shortcomings on the mentioned possibilities will surely help those BDM wannabes conquer that elusive muhon & medal 😉 . Oh that vomit cases during the run was so frequent caused a runner to become physically weak & disoriented. Do’s & dont’s and when to DNF… Thanks & more power!


  3. Great read! Well done to all and I must say it was an epic race and fingers crossed will have the opportunity to run it again in the near future. Cheers! and congratulations to all!


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