Marathon Week Routine

It’s 1 week before the much awaited Milo Marathon Eliminations to be held on July 31 in Metro Manila. After months of training, it’s now down to the final week or the marathon week.

What do marathoners do with their last week?
Do they just sit around and taper to the max?
Actually, they don’t.
As time goes by, marathoners usually come up with these certain routines in preparation for their raceday. Routines that they live by and they believe help them in producing a good outcome on raceday.

Here are some marathoners who willingly(?) hehe… shared their marathon week routine.


darellDarell Sicam
Marathon PR: 3:56:32
(Chicago International Marathon 2015)  

1. Berocca daily (last taper week)
2. 2 bananas a day (last two weeks)
3. 7-8 hours of sleep except night before race (di na makatulog)
4. Full body massage 3-4 days before race.
5. 15 minute shakeout run the day before race.






erwinErwin Rallojay
Marathon PR: 4:38:29
(Nat Geo Earth Day Run 2016)

During my last two marathon preparations, I knew I did not do well with the tapering part. The reason was quite obvious. I was always on vacation mode and it was very easy to over indulge with the family like eating, feeling lazy and relaxing with the kids. This time however, I am trying something different by maintaining discipline with my training plan, except of course when daddy duties needs to take priority.
Anyways, here is my list.
1. Eat Bulalo and/or Ramen Noodles.
Because there’s no Bulalo where I work! Hehe. Like the good old saying, pampalakas ng tuhod.
2. Visualize how the race should go and rekindle the familiar feeling at the finish line.
I am actually imagining my family is waiting for me at the finish line ready to celebrate with me.
3. Do quick strides just before the race so the muscles and brain will remember what is required during the race and capable of delivering.
4. Take a quick sip and spit out my hydration fluid. Don’t know why but this has been my ritual and is important to me.
5. Pray, give praise and thanks to God Almighty for a strong heart and body. Ask that no untoward incident will happen to all the participants. I have done my best at training and believe that up above will provide the rest during 42.2K grind!


Marathon PR: 3:50:06
(Milo Manila Elimnations 2015)


1. Less workout intensity -this is to allow your body heal and still be sharp.
2. Eat right -eating healthy does help to repair damaged tissue during training.
3. Hydrate -hydrate, hydrate, hydrate but don’t over hydrate.
4. Sleep -get enough sleep, as usually we don’t sleep well before raceday
5. Pray -always pray for a safe and injury free race.



sydSyd Prado
Marathon PR: 4:52
(Condura Skyway Marathon 2016)

1. On marathon week, I do light runs every other day for around 30-45mins and take in whey protein every morning and after a workout.
2. Preparation of running equipment such as running shoes,socks,underwear, what to wear from shirt to short/leggings, hydration belt and energy gel.
3. Before gunstart, I apply petroleum jelly from foot to singit to kilikili.
4. Stretching
5. Pray, pray and pray na sana matapos at injury free.





vinceVince Bunuan
Marathon PR: 3:57
(Condura Skyway Marathon 2015)

Marathon Week:
1. I hydrate, get more rest, eat bananas, and make sure I eat “safe foods” along with more carbs.
2. I research the course so that I have an sense as to where the turns are and where the midpoint and last 5K are
3. I spend more time stretching, meditating, and getting my breathing calm
Before the race:
4. I try to eat a big brunch, then take a nap from 2PM – 8PM. Eat light dinner.
5. I get to the race about 2 hours early to make sure I get good parking and I am not stressed or anxious. I try to get to the starting line an hour before gunstart so that I can do more stretching and warm up my muscles. I also make sure my shoelaces are not too tight or too loose.




swooshSwoosh dela Rama
Marathon PR: 4:49:42
(The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2016)

1) Last week tapering should be 50% less than average mileage.
2) Carboloading for 3 days before the race day, 1st day must be complex carbs then 2nd & 3rd day simple carbs.
3) All 10 toes must be wrapped in micropore and both nipples, too. 😁
4) My nutrition 2 hrs before gunstart consists of 1 medium lacatan banana,  1 medium hardboiled egg with a generous amount of salt, 1 single pack of Rebisco Whole Wheat crackers, 1 egg,  1 banana,  1 small gatorade (must be in this order).
5) Wiwi at the portalet and a prayer at the gunstart.
Rituals done, enjoy the run,..👌👍🏻💪🏽🏃🏻




deckDecerel Asido-Mendoza
Marathon PR: 3:53
(Condura Skyway Marathon 2016)

1. Ashtanga Yoga on Friday or two days before a marathon. It gives me that extra stretching I need and power Core work out.
2. Eat and drink my Beets. Helps provide the iron I need for race day.
3. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Which is a challenge because I work nights.
4. Carbo loading 4 days before race day. Need I say more? I get to eat whatever I want!!
5. Stay positive. I listen to songs that empower me, stay away from negativity both people and events & lots of self talks like “you’ve done this before Deck! Just get it over with!”



adelAdel Torres
Marathon PR: 4:11:57
(Milo Finals 2015)

All of the six marathons I have joined were run on a Sunday, thus the sequence and names are based on this. I credit Coach Armand Mendoza and Coach Mitch Felipe of the The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, Weight Training Class for teaching us number 2 to 5.
1. After my longest run, 3 weeks before the marathon, I will run with the same intensity but gradually decreasing mileage. Since I train for the marathon using the Hanson’s Marathon method, I would still run 5-6 times a week. (please refer to my Excel Worksheets).
2. Thirsty Thursday – start hydrating up to the day of the marathon. I prefer to hydrate with Water, Buko and Pocari Sweat. I would also use the hydration sponsors product during training and for this period.

3. Flush Friday – eat fibrous food, veggies, fruits, brown rice. Follow the same caloric count that you need so you won’t gain weight at this point. This will be flushed by Friday night to mid-Saturday morning.
4. White Saturdays – The only day I will eat white. Though I will still be watching my caloric intake. I watch out for foods that may upset my stomach like oily, salty and spicy foods. I would eat the same calories but coming from white rice, noodles, and bread. For protein source, I will eat boiled, steamed or grilled chicken and fish. No veggies or fibrous fruits. Bananas will be my fruit of choice. Since I would normally train for 4 to 5 months for a marathon, I will probably run 4 to 5 – 32 kilometer LSDs. I practice this same ritual the day before the 32k LSD. Last meal for Saturday is 6 to 8 hours before target wake up time.
5. Clean out Sunday – This routine, I do for all my races and not only for the marathon. I will wake up 2 hours before, departure time from my lodging. If marathon time is 2:00 AM, I would be in the assembly area by 12:30 AM. If the travel time is 1 hour. I should be awake by 9:30 pm. I will have a cup of coffee with a banana and an energy bar. This would be my last solid intake. I should be doing a number-2, 30 minutes after waking up and 1 ½ hours after waking up. (Thus, I have never experienced a major toilet break in all my marathons.) As for my last fluid intake, I would drink a cup of water with my first energy gel. An hour before gun start. I will fall in line at the portalets three to four times to squeeze out extra fluid in my bladder. Since the portalet lines will normally be long it takes about 5 to 15 minutes for the next urine break. Since I am over 55 years old, I have water retention in my bladder. It is very seldom that I will urinate during the run. During the race, I will take gel with water only every 50 minutes after gun start. If I take gel with a sports drink I get an upset stomach.

To sum it all up, it’s basically run a little, eat, sleep, hydrate and pray and  for the marathoners during the last week of their training.
To all those running the 40th Milo Marathon Eliminations next week, good luck!

Just what like Milo’s tag line says, “Kaya Mo Yan!”









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