Supermom. Ultramom.

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I get labelled by these often by people I know.

It’s a title I don’t think I’m worthy of. Just because I have 4 kids and find time to train and run, I think isn’t enough reason for me to be called one.
As a full-time mommy, I have a more flexible time working around my kid’s schedules to find time for myself. I get more time with the kids throughout the day compared to moms who work.
I think the real supermoms are those who manage to keep a balance of their career and their active lifestyle without sacrificing their time as a mom.

Here are some of the supermoms I know sharing how they actually do it.

Road/Trail Ultramarathoner, Mommy


I am a single mom of a very bright and active 6 year old.
Of course, family comes first. I only treat running as a hobby and I ensure to play around with my schedule to ensure that I will not miss any special moment with my daughter.
I allot Saturdays as whole day reserved for catching up with my little one. Typical routine would be movie and playdate and we would hear anticipated Mass if schedule permits. If there’s school, this day is also reserved for studying and I am proud to say that I have helped her to be a consistent achiever.


My Sunday mornings are usually reserved for running and I am thankful as they are supportive of my hobby. My daughter would patiently wait for me to come home anticipating the medals and trophies I would bring home.
I’m lucky that my daughter is also into running. Slowly, I will introduce her to this hobby and maybe someday, we can do 10KM together, why not?

Marathoner, Triathlete, Ironwoman, Mommy


How do I balance being a mom and running/triathlon? Ooops and I forgot, being a full time employee, too.
Before that, let me give you a glimpse of my training program as well as my work schedule:
Monday AM (lunch break) – 1hr walking Monday PM – swim
Tuesday and Thursday AM – 1.5 hrs bike (indoor trainer) PM lunch break – 1.5 hrs run (treadmill)
Wednesday AM – swim Lunch break – 1hr walking
Friday – rest day
Saturday – 4hrs bike (outdoor)
Sunday – 3hrs run (outdoor)
We observe flexible time schedule at work but i have a 7-4 time block. I opted for this schedule so i can be home early.
Training factors: 1. They are asleep. I wake up as early as 3am on Tue and Thurs; and 4am on weekends.
2. I enrolled in office gym so i can do my weekday runs during lunch break. That way, i can spend evenings with them.
3. Friday is rest day coz that’s the time they can sleep late so we can go out at night for dinner or movie night.
4. Weekend afternoons are for them. Tho tired from long runs or long rides, i limit my sleep time after training so we can Go to mall, watch movie, eat out, and hear mass.
5. No races on their birthdays, school events, and other family occasions.
However, here’s the thing. I don’t really believe in balancing time with my kids with training time and work time. That should never be the case. I believe they should always have a lion’s share of my waking or productive time.
13149982_10206546283157771_2136490045_nIt’s really not about balance. They are my priority. My mind set is, I am a lifestyle athlete and this is not my career. I am doing this because I want to be fit and healthy and live a longer life so I can be with my kids longer. I cleared my mind of obsession with being better than other runners/triathletes. I stopped feeling guilty if I failed to do a long run or a swim workout. What would damage me is knowing I missed a special moment in my kids’ life…or when my kids needed me most (sick or sad) and I wasn’t there. So it’s never about balance, but them being on top of it all.

To all the moms who get stressed out from work, exhausted from training, would give up their few hours of “me” time to spend quality time with their kids instead, a Happy Mother’s Day!

You girls are the real supermoms!


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