040916: Batman vs. Superman

Despite the lack of training (2 x ( 1.8k run-walk) + 1x (2k just walk ) + pool time the day before) and her recovering from cough, she was determined to push through with her 10k distance.
As she refused that I sell her racekit or even pass it on to her younger siblings who seemed more fit for the run, we made a deal that she’d still be allowed to join given that there would be no whining during the race. Like the common line runners often hear,  “Ginusto mo yan, tapusin mo.” (You wanted it, go finish it.)

As she was all ready and excited for the run, I as her mom on the other hand was pretty worried on how she’d do.

Okay, target is just to finish the race… hopefully. Honestly, I was still in doubt.

We set a 1 minute run: 30 seconds walk interval as she requested when I actually had a 30 seconds run: 15 seconds walk in mind. 😮
Good luck to us!
Race endorphins, I’m leaving it all up to you.



Few minutes to gunstart.


Even if I had brought her some hydration, we made stops at every water hydration station. We ignored the Pocari ones as she wasn’t used to drinking it and didn’t want to have to deal with tummy issues. I kept reminding her not to drink too much otherwise, we’d have an additional problem of looking for a portalet.


The 1st 5k was good.

She managed to keep up with her intervals and would get excited hearing the beeps to tell her to run or walk on the watch I made her borrow.

It was on the 2nd half that signs of exhaustion started to show.

Everytime I’d check on her, she’d tell me she was okay, but tell me that her legs were starting to get tired and as a result started to slow down. I had to get hold of her hand for her not to be left behind and just keep going. Since her watch got drained (wasn’t able to fully charge it), she kept asking me how much time to walk interval. Now, that wasn’t a good sign. 😦
Her cheeks had also started to become pink which worried me. She was flushed. I had to squirt water on her face and head to keep her from overheating.
For her tired legs, she asked the puzzled medics for it to be sprayed with liniment at one of the stationed ambulances. It seemed to help her or could be the placebo effect. 😀


Sun already up.


She got her second wind when the marshals yelled out that there was only 2kms to go. I’m betting she didn’t quite know how long 2kms still was that she ran faster than usual leaving her drained by the time we were just 500m away from finish line.




Fistbump with Superman at the finish line.


With less than 500m to go, she was sprinting and stopping her way to the finish. Not quite a grand finish, but who cares?


She made it! 🙂


I am surprised that she managed to finish the whole 10k distance having seen how tired she would get even just by walking during our failed training attempts. Determination was what pushed her. Proud of you. 🙂

Finishing without training… hmmmm.
Now I know from who she got that trait from. Not me. 😀


Medals weren’t hung around our necks at the finish line. 😦

I don’t know, but nothing beats the feeling of a medal being hung right after you’ve crossed the finish line.

Instead, they had to be claimed in individual boxes at one of the booths. 😦 I think medals given at the finish line have less chances of it being given to those who didn’t actually run the race and just went there to claim it.



Happy with her 2nd 10k medal to add to her collection.



Don’t ask me where she gets these poses. 😀


It was great seeing runner friends with their young ones as well who ran the race.


Of course, what is a Heroes Run without Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman to grace the event? Or should I have said, Batmen, Supermen and Wonderwomen? 😀



There were booths that had freebies if you’re patient enough to line up. There were cut up hotdogs on toothpicks, Selecta ice cream drops, Slurpee, Pocari, Goldilocks popcorn and pastry.



There was also a Silverworks booth that offered a discounted price for engraving the back of your medal to make it personalized.



I don’t usually line up at the booths after a race and would be satisfied with just the post race food I’d have, but since my daughter wanted to visit almost every booth and she deserved it, fine. Oh, she also didn’t want to leave until the raffle was done with.



Since most of the open fastfood chains were full, I had to decline her request to eat out.


Heading homeZzzz….


It was a well organized race. Lots of active marshals keeping the runners safe and cheering them on. Enough portalets at race event ares. Good hydration and med stations.
I’m just not a fan of lining up at so many booths after a run. Since they had a medal claiming booth, I just wish they would’ve put the Pocari with it as well, so that runners would get their medal and drink in just one lining up.

If you’re a superheroes fan, this is a race for you. It’s really not one of those competitive races, although they do give awards to the all the Top 3 Male and Female per race category. It would be nice if they had age categories for each as well. Demanding! 😀 Hey, come on! I saw like 3 small kids doing the 10k distance and several senior aged citizens doing the 3k. It would be nice to have some recognition of some sort for their effort, even a little certificate would do.

The age range of those who joined the event was from babies in strollers to lolos and lolas. If you decide to run with your whole family, your kids are into superheroes and you have a big budget to spare, then try this. Race fees are quite expensive given that you only get a singlet, a small bag and your medal.
If not, I think events under Runtaruntantan are more affordable as a whole family affair, plus you get a finisher’s shirt, too. Just saying for those budget conscious parents.

Watch out for next years Justice League Fun Run theme.


* Photo credits: Running Photographers/ Pinoy Fitness



Distance: 10k (9.2k on my watch)
Time: 1:33:53 (my daughters’) PR by 1 min 31 secs from last year


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