032016: Pinoy Fitness Sub 1 Challenge

I know, I know. Like I said, I have no plans to run PF Sub 1 this year.

Fear of not making another sub-1?
Um, perhaps.

Fear of the Kalayaan flyover being included in the route this time around?
Oh, yes.

Well, actually it was more because my runs lately have been leaned towards building endurance. I’m so done with speed and pressured runs from last year that I wanted runs which I could just run and enjoy.
Somehow, I found myself signed up for this run again. It was more of a return of favor and support (Long story. Never mind.).

I didn’t do much speed training for this run. The best that I was able to do was a few 5k runs below 30 minutes top because that was all that I could currently do. Told you I was done with speed. I wasn’t able to do a simulation sub 1 10k and thought I’d just save it for raceday. That is, if I could manage to. *cringe*

Without any expectations (Hello? I didn’t train for this.), I went to the race venue to get it done and over with. I didn’t want the money paid for the reg fee to go to waste.  I got there a little too early that I had to sit it out near the bag claiming area watching all the runners leave their bags. One thing I noticed was the runners who came in first were the ones whose waves started the latest. Most of the elites came just a few minutes prior gunstart.

As I waited for 2nd wave, Kuya Kim gave useful tips. He mentioned to try doing a negative split. He suggested to run at around 6:30-7:00/k pace during the first few kms before speeding up for the 2nd half.
Since I’m really no good in achieving negative splits, I stuck with my plan to run a steady pace of 5:55-6:00/k which for me was easier than a negative split.



Caught up with my running friend, Pao and his officemate before the gunstart.

Before we knew it, the 2nd wave was sent off. The first few minutes is always critical to me if I’m doing a run all the way. If I start out slow, I usually have a hard time catching up on my desired pace.
When you’re running with runners all aiming for a sub 1, expect a strong group at the starting line. No one hardly walks and you get carried along with them. Thank you for the added push everyone! Thank you raceday adrenalin rush! It was a huffing and puffing kind of pace, but I managed to slow down a few times whenever I went faster than my planned pace.


The Kalayaan Flyover was where many had started to walk. I had a pace to keep up with and had to keep going one step after the other no matter what. As we were just heading up the Kalayaan Flyover, the fast runners of the first wave were already on the oppposite lane making their way back to the starting line.
It was a u-turn after a long stretch on Buendia and back uphill again Kalayaan flyover. A few meters near the end of the flyover, I saw a female runner lying on her back at the side of the road. Right beside her was a male runner at her feet and another female runner on her phone. In my mind, I prayed to God that it wasn’t another race event casualty. When I passed by and saw the male runner was stretching her legs, I was relieved that it seemed like just a really bad case of cramping. *Whew* Even so, upon reaching the base of the flyover where an ambulance was stationed, they were informed about the female runner and put to work.


My only running picture that I managed to break a smile. 😛


Back at BGC and the flat route, it was just a few more kilometers and turns before the finish line.



The last turn to the finish line was crazy. Almost everyone was sprinting to make it to a sub 1.  As for me… ugh! I didn’t have that much energy left to sprint, but managed to speed up a little to the finish as I just couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Yey! I managed to run another sub 1! 🙂

It was great seeing other runner friends get their sub 1 medals, too! 🙂



With fellow Pukers, Ams and Vanj.



With runner friends from Corregidor Marathon.



With TBR batchmates/engaged couple,  Emmy and Kelvin.



With “Beggar Runner” making a mark in the running community by running in this costume.





This is a race every runner should run at least once, or at least until you’ve managed to get the official sub 1 time.
It’s a well organized race from hydration being well distributed, portalets, marshals who had those Brooks long inflatables cheering everyone and managing the traffic for the runner’s safety, the medics on stand by.
The singlets, finisher shirts are all of good quality and the medal is not the usual medal. PF Sub 1 medals are my favorites in terms of the design and quality, plus of course, the effort you need to exert to own one.
I think the baggage area needs a little more organizing next time. When I went in line to get my stuff, a runner and a guy at the baggage were near boiling point already in locating a bag. I know the bags were divided into waves, but I think it would’ve helped if the bags were segregated based on the bag numbers, too. Let’s say in this pile goes numbers ending in 0-20, the other pile from 30-40, etc. I’ve seen this in other race events and the system works faster.
Medals were given at the finish line. They weren’t hung around your neck as you crossed, but handed to you… still in bubble wrapped plastic. Maybe it’s just me, but I love the feeling of medals being put around my neck right after I cross. It’s just so much more fulfilling than it being handed over still wrapped up from the supplier.
I also hate it when you need to line up at a booth to get your finishers shirt and line up again for your drink. Can’t they at least be put beside each other so it’s just one passing through? My thoughts, sorry. Thoughts of an exhausted and drained runner. 😀

Talk about drained. :s

Whenever I push myself beyond my limit, I usually end up getting a postrun headache or worse, a migraine. Unfortunately, this was just one of those races that came with an agonizing postrun headache. Upon reaching home, I puked out all the hydration I had taken in. Team Puker nga! 😀

Glad that’s done with.
Glad I’m home.
Glad to have achieved another sub 1 10k.
It may have not been a PR, but sub 1 is still sub 1 and I’m definitely happy with it.



*Photo credits: Rickpet Lens, My Run Time, Pinoy Fitness, Active Pinas


_Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 1.40.36 AM
Distance: 10k
Time: 57:01


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