On being quiet about my races

I used to post a lot about my runs. There came a time when I posted almost every training run I did. All my trainings had a mandatory selfie at that end. 😀  I’d post in hope to inspire my non-runner friends to try running as well. It was great too,  as I’d receive feedbacks from my elite runner friends on how to improve and correct certain skills in running through those posts.


Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 9.23.47 AM

Then, I stopped.

It was when someone posted a quote that hit me.

I lessened my training posts if it wasn’t a biggie and only posted post race pictures instead… races I usually don’t announce as well. :p
I’ve been trying to look for that quote that struck me back then, but didn’t find it until someone shared it on FB again.

Thanks Mommy J!
THIS was the quote I had been looking for. So, next time you guys ask me when’s my next race or what am I training for, don’t expect an answer. 🙂
Better yet, don’t bother asking and I’ll just show up.

Surprise Runner 😀


One thought on “On being quiet about my races

  1. What is “success” for a runner, anyway? If a runner posts pictures of races because being part of a running team or community is part of that “success”, that is well and good. The concept of “failure vs. success” is something I wouldn’t strictly apply if that would impede the joys and highs of the sport.


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