021416: PagmamahaRUN

It was so timely that hubs was here for PagmamahaRUN, a Valentine fun run of Berwin under Runtaruntantan. The thing I like about Berwin’s runs is that they really ARE fun runs and are non-competitive. So, yeah… you won’t be seeing Kenyans in his race events.
Berwin has found a niche in the running community.  His runs are perfect for those who are just new into running where they could start off with the shortest distance of 3k, move on to 5k, 10k and eventually 16k and sometimes the 21k. Runtarantantan is also the only race organizer that gives out medals and finisher shirts to ALL distance categories… something you won’t find in other race events where only the longest distances are privileged to get.

This was the 2nd time that we ran as a family. Getting the kids up early for the 5:30am gunstart was the biggest challenge. We didn’t have any training for the kids unlike last year where hubs made them run with him once prior to the race, but we made sure we had informed them that we were going to run 3k distance. No fancy tutus for the girls as well this time around.



Before gunstart. (I blinded my kids with the flash.  :s)


During the run, we made the kids run with a 1:30 interval (1 minute run and 30 secs walk). It worked pretty well except for my little boy who complained he didn’t want to walk and that he wanted to just run. 😮 Oh great! We have a run all the way runner here.



Team Santander… woohoo! Start of race… exiting to main road.


With our intervals, we managed to overtake a lot of runners. Actually a majority were either just walking or jogging. Then of course, the u-turn was a bottleneck where many took selfies of their half point achievement. 🙂

Everytime it was “Run”, my little boy zoomed forward, zigzagging in the little spaces between the other runners on the road. I kept running after him as I feared losing him, him tripping or making someone else who was running trip over him.



Last stretch to the finish line with kids #1,4, 3. ❤

This year, it was my little boy who seemed to be the strongest runner of the 4 kids. It’s so much different from last year when he wanted to be carried and asked for milk just a few meters into the run. 😀  Last year also involved a lot of distracting to keep him going. This year, he didn’t seem to notice the 3k distance.  In fact, he never even noticed how the route we did had an extra 1k. 4k @ 4! 🙂



A running picture… finally! 😀



Hubs with kid#2 who did 30secs:30secs run-walk interval during the later part.


The finish line had a long queue. We had to line up to get our medals, but the kids didn’t seem to mind as they eagerly waited for their turn to have their medal hung around their neck.


I’m so glad that even if we weren’t able to register early and get a guaranteed finisher size, there were still plenty of XS sizes when we had arrived.



Team Santander, mission accomplished!



3 out of 4 down on the trip home.


Running as a family can be fun. It gives your children a peek of your world if you actually run, too. It gives them a boost of self-confidence that they can actually do something not all their classmates in school have even tried doing. It makes them proud of their accomplishment. It makes them little achievers.



He loved his finishers shirt and medal so much that he fell asleep with it.

So, run with your kids. Bring them to fun runs, too! Who knows? You may actually be tapping a passion for running that they may have in them, too.



Distance: 4k
Time: 44 mins


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