The Runners I’ve Encountered

Runners come in all shapes, sizes, ages and characteristics. Here are just some of the runners I’ve come across so far.


Cotton shirts, basketball shorts, thick jogging pants, or even sometimes in those greyish silver plastic sweat suits. Still unaware of the importance of wearing the right shoes, on their feet are basketball, badminton shoes or ordinary sneakers. Their playlist being played on their huge headphones or is in full blast on their handheld phones. Often a mineral water/sports drink bottle in one hand, or if not a shoulder bag or a whole backpack.
They often have this mistake of positioning themselves way up in front at the starting line especially if it’s their first race.
Not yet introduced to proper race etiquette, they may make sudden stops in the middle of the route to attend to their need to rest, to take a selfie or tie a shoelace putting other runners behind them at great risk.


Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.53.59 PM

They may also be found walking side by side with other newbie runner friends not minding if they’re blocking the way. Oftentimes, you’d also see them taking selfies at every u-turn as well as their sprint to the finish line.

Too Much Too Soon Runner
I’ve seen how some runners are way to excited to jump onto the next long distance not knowing they could badly injure themselves by doing so. On a thread for a 50k++ ultramarathon, a runner once asked if he could do it given his longest distance as of that time was only 3k. 😮

These people are the most disciplined when it comes to their training. Often sacrificing social life and perhaps love life to their training, these runners definitely sow what they reap. They are also the choosy type when it comes to the races they’d sign up for and end up joining only a selected few which they train hard for.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.05.16 PM

Humble Elites
Yes, I know of some who consistently ends up being a podium finisher, but doesn’t post it on social media. It’s usually the proud friends who does it for them.
Then there are those who are more than willing to share their secrets on how they do it, if you ask them to.

Run For The Cash
Kenyans. Usually, when the race event involve cash prizes, you’d see a lot of Kenyans signing up for it. There are some Filipinos too, who run for cash and would only join races if there’s money at stake.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 3.06.13 PM

Run For Fitness
When they don’t care that much about making PRs or finishing with a fast time anymore and when running for them is just to be in good shape, then these are the ones who run just for fitness.

Runners With A Goal
Some runners run with a goal in mind. Some run to lose weight. Others run to better their best.

Document Everything Runner
They’re the ones carrying GoPros and celphones as they run. They’re the ones you see taking pictures at almost every u-turn and at the finish line.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 6.01.09 PM

* Shutterstock

Share Everything on Social Media Runner
My training plan is this. My next race is this. My goal is this. My run stats today… oh, wait! Let’s add a selfie to that.

I have nothing against runners who share everything about their running life as I know their only intention is to inspire others. Seeing fellow runners post their trainings actually gives me an extra push to working on my own. *pressure*
It’s just funny how some (Runners, too) I know don’t appreciate such posts and get irritated when they see it on their FB wall.

Project Medal/ Trophy/ Finishers Shirt Collection
With the money and time,  they register for almost all the races that gets organized. Busy! Busy!

All About Me
Sometimes, you’d come across these runners who like to talk about running A LOT. They give you non-stop lectures and tips about all their race experiences. It’s nice to listen to at the start if you’re interested in what they have to say, but if the conversation is pretty much one-sided with him/her doing all the talking and it’s becoming a bore to listen to (as he/she goes into details about all his/her races), then there’s something wrong. Their target usually are those who are just new into running, preferably the less experienced ones so, they wouldn’t feel inferior. Beware. :p

Just For FB or Instagram
“Tumatakbo lang para may pang FB!” Yeah, I’ve heard these lines mostly from people who don’t run. I guess people who haven’t been bitten by the running bug look at it that way — finish line photos just for FB. I think as long as you’ve worked hard for it, then you’ve gained the right to brag your achievement. Not everyone can accomplish such a feat.

Certified Ultramarathoners
When just making it to the finish line before cut-off matters more than how long it took, you’ve found an ultramarathoner. Relaxed pace… slowly, but surely… easy does it. No pressure. It’s no wonder how this breed of runners can run ultramarathon after ultramarathon without getting tired.


Team Sulit
A bit of the ultramarathoner in them, these are the runners who also don’t pressure themselves on a fast finish. They’d rather make the most out of the registration fee they paid for and as long as they finish injury-free.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 5.01.17 PM

Bahala Na si Batman Runners
Signed up for a race, but didn’t get to train relying it to Batman? I’m sure you’ve come across these types a lot of times. “Sayang registration fee, e!”

Ketchup Runners
They sign up for a race, start training really late in hope the mileage earned during “Ketchup (Catch Up) Runs” would be sufficient.

If You Can’t Perform, Japorms Runner
Think compression tights, compression tops, expensive GPS watches, hydration belts, branded running shoes and caps. Well, can’t blame them.
Sometimes, those with the simplest of gears, end up being faster.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 4.57.24 PM

Cheaters/ Ninjas
Sad to say, there are some dishonest runners. Instead of finishing with pride, they opt to finish with fraud. Their purpose of running is only to collect medals, finisher shirts or trophies even if they didn’t work hard for it. If you plan on cheating, don’t even think of it. Not everyone gets away with it. If caught and proven guilty, you’d likely end up being cyberbullied by runners. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to be the subject of cyberbullying by runners as it can be brutal. They’re quick in digging up your info to spread the word around fast.


Remember this runner of RUPM 2014? One example of someone who got cyberbullied after people suspected his/her finish time. True enough, when results came out, parts of his/her chiptime were missing which meant he/she took some short cuts for an earlier finish. We haven’t seen him/her in the running circle since then.


The Detailed Runner
This type of runner is one that usually has a GPS watch, probably even a heart rate monitor, has a planned diet, planned attack on the run from pace targets to nutrition. Some may even have visualizations and race mantras for their race.

The Updated Runner
Ask them about gears, they’d probably know of it. Ask them about different running programs, they probably have an answer for that, too. They’re like walking or should I say running encyclopedias on Running.

Did I miss out on any?
What type of runner have you encountered and what type are you yourself?


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