011716: 7-11 Run 2016

There was 7-11’s Run 800, Run 1000, Run 1,500 and now, this year it’s Run 2016. This was their 4th year in holding a race event and the 2nd time on the skyway. They had a range of distances from 500m, 3k, 5k, 10k buddy, 16k, half and the full marathon.

Since the race course basically was on the skyway (except for the shorter distances of 500m, 3k and 5k which went around Filinvest only) and obviously couldn’t be closed during the early morning busy hours, runners were released starting from midnight.
Gunstarts like these have both it’s pros and cons. Not being able to get enough sleep needed is what most of the runners worried about. On the other hand, not worrying about the sun and getting to finish earlier than usual, having more time to make it back to bed again  (Ahhh… yes, please! 🙂 were the advantages.

As much as you’d like to spend your time running on the skyway, there were cut-offs. It was 7 hours for the marathon, 4 hours for the half, 3 hours for 16K, 2 and a half hours for 10k and an hour for 5k and 3k.



The route was a loop on the skyway that started and finished at Filinvest, Muntinlupa.

The skyway was overflowing with water, Gatorade, Powerade, Pocari and even Del Monte pineapple juice. Didn’t see any bananas though. 😦

They were okay.

If my memory serves me right, I saw and ambulance on the skyway near one of the hydration stations.

There were lots at the activity area and several on the skyway.


The loot bag contained the medal (they didn’t do the traditional hanging of the medal as you cross the finish line), one size fits all cotton Finisher’s shirt (which now has the distance you ran  printed at the back), several drinks and magazines.

Okay, I never planned on running 7-11. It was because it was a week right after my marathon and wasn’t sure how fast my recovery would be from running the course in Corregidor.  Then along came TBR Batchmate, Coach Bobby who has this lucky streak in FB raffles that he won 5 racekits and offered me one. Um, sige na nga! Hulog ng langit… masama tanggihan.  😀
I was choosing between the 16km and 21k and decided to go for the 21k as my recovery race. Tsk! Tsk! This is not the way you reverse taper, Jah! (Although I never have done reverse tapering. I also haven’t really jumped to 21k at once just a week after a marathon. Yikes!).
Oh well, I could always just walk it anyway as I wasn’t aiming for any PR, but recovery (Perfect excuse for a slow time. :D).
I did my usual 5k run all the way easy warm-up and went Galloway with 3 minutes run and 30 seconds walk interval. It was windy up there, but kind of humid. I kept looking at my watch as the sounds of the vehicles passing by below was louder than the alerts on my watch. It was a long and winding stretch of road that never seemed to end. That was when a feeling of umay presented itself to me. (Like “Ta-dah! I’m Umay. … kidding.) Haaay… ,but really! I think I need to squeeze in other activities aside from the ones that involve hours of just pounding on the concrete road to make me look forward to more.


Last stretch going down and off the skyway to the finish line.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 1.39.31 PM

My recovery race time.

It was nice seeing other runners I knew along the way and a lot of TBR dreamers doing their LSDs. Actually, a majority of the people I knew who joined were after mileage and not PR (except for some bunch of people I knew who were supposedly running LSDs, but ended up with unplanned marathon PRs).


Team Pukers’ Jon, Ferdz, Jen and Erwin with their 4:32-5:03 Marathon PRs achieved by doing a 4:1 Run-Walk Interval.

I didn’t get to see this guy, but he certainly made his rounds on the internet when he picked up a stray cat off the skyway and ran with the cat to bring it down to somewhere safer.  🙂 Ugh! Can’t imagine carrying a 5 kilo(?) cat while running. The heaviest object I’ve brought along in one hand while running was a brick during a Puke Session and that’s way much lighter and it doesn’t move. 😀

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 9.25.04 AM


“Ang humid!”
“Road… road… all road… kaumay.
“Oh wow! Ayan na yong mga pabalik!”
“Is this Jojo?
Looking good. Wait, baka hindi siya. Tabihan ko muna to check.”
“Wala bang food sa hydration?” (This is what you get for being way too pampered at your previous race).
“Shugs! My shorts is falling. Have I lost that much weight? :o”
“Nasaan na ba kami? As if I can tell.
“Girl, easy lang. I’m not competing with you… so competitive, huh?”
“Konti nalang! Woohoo!”

To Bobby for the free kit, of course and for squealing I was going to run. 😀  To my personal Uber driver… thanks again Lou for the ride. To Team Pukers for the company before and after the race.


Team Pukers after the race.



Team Free Race kit 😀



With Team Pukers at the all time fave post run venue, McDonalds.


This is a race for the whole family. If you’re new into running, I’d recommend this one because of the many shorter distances they offer. If you’re into freebies galore, from the free food at the activity area (only got to eat instant noodles, slurpee and gave away my red bull) to the groceries you can take home (if you’re that patient to go around all the booths), then this is a race event for you. 🙂


Sorry, Sherwin! You were the one I saw who had the most groceries posted on my FB wall. Winner! 😀

If you’re not as picky about the finisher shirt or medal you’ll be getting, this one will do.

It was a pretty good race. Come on, how many times do you actually get the chance to run on the skyway, right? 🙂



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