Being A Runner Doesn’t Give You Immunity

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* Taken from Urban Dictionary


When we think of a runner, we think of a person who trains, eats the right food, keeps away from anything that could do harm to the body. We picture these bunch of health buffs with special diets of all sorts and those who make time to run or work-out in the gym. Simply put, we see runners as the few individuals who have chosen to live a healthy liefstyle.

By being a runner or any active person in general, we’d think these would most likely be the ones facing less health issues and may even live a longer life than many.


Runners are humans, too, and just like an ordinary Juan or Maria can die from many other reasons aside from it being running (I’m referring to those healthy ones that actually die during their races).

Since last year, I have sadly lost 5 TBR (The Bull Runner Dream Marathon) batchmates. 1 died from pneumonia and another of late detected cancer. Both seemed perfectly healthy that no one would have suspected they’d succumb to such illness. 2 other batchmates died late last year in tragic road accidents involving a bike and the other a motorcycle.

12374909_1090145087715452_7235392347949767828_oIt makes me sad that yet, another batchmate of ours died from cardiac arrest just this week. Just when he was getting back to running again after losing his wife barely 6 months ago (the 1 who died of cancer), this happened. 😦
Even his kids said their dad seemed to be the healthiest of them all after a recent family annual check-up.

I may not have had the chance to really get to know you that well Egay, but I’ve always seen you as one of those cheerful down-to-earth batchmates from Team Kulit.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 8.31.32 AM.png

Our last FB conversation.

Rest in peace, Egay.
You will surely be missed back here. 😦

So, even if you think you’re all fit and healthy, when your time on earth is done, you just to go… ready or not.

Therefore, go live life to the fullest and make each day worth living.


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