Corregidor Marathon Additional Tips and Info

Since it was our first time on Corregidor and our 1st time to join their marathon, we had no idea what to expect and relied mostly on what we saw through other runners’ posts about their experience. This is why I’m listing down some information that I hope would come useful to other runners who may want to pursue the rock in the future.

Register early to avail of discount and hotel reservations if you plan to check-in the hotel.

They require that you be there 2 hours prior ETD.


* Photo credit: Giancarlo Martelino

Nah! Unless you want to beat the traffic peak hours. An hour before is enough as that’s the time the distribution of the small ziplock packets containing the Ferry ride stickers and meal stubs (Breakfast buffet and Lunch buffet) begin. Carboloading Dinner (P250) and Daytour (P300) stubs can be bought there even if Sun Cruises told me they would only be sold at the Race Briefing.


Just in case you plan to bring your car to the ferry terminal, you can leave it in the parking area and will be charged a flat rate of P30 as long as it’s been verified with Sun Cruises. Your cars’ safety, that I’m not sure about.

There are boats that come all the way from Pampanga as the Cabelen Team told us. So, if you’re in that area, you can come from there instead. Just make sure there’s a big group as you’ll be dividing the cost of renting the whole boat amongst yourselves.

There’s a dorm that you can rent out from one of the locals which the Cabelen Team told us, too. Prior arrangements needed, of course.

If you’re not used to having a heavy dinner prior to the race and don’t want to shell out an additional P250, you can order ala carte at the hotel’s restaurant. It’s cheaper and they have big servings of pasta and noodles.

Breakfast buffet included rice, scrambled egg, corned beef, fish and a serving of coffee. Lunch buffet after the race had soup, stir-fried veggies, fried chicken, pork with milk sauce and watermelon for dessert.

Bring enough drinking water if you’ll be staying at the camp site. At the hotel, there’s a water dispenser at the restaurant and lobby. You can also buy before getting onboard the ferry as there’s a 7-11 right outside the ferry terminal.

It’s pretty okay even if there were signs of it being old already. The walls are kind of thin as you could sometimes hear the people from the next room as they talk. Aircon is really cold. There’s a water heater in the shower.


There’s also a thermos and lots of electric sockets. No Wi-fi. TV is in the lobby. Staying in the hotel became convenient as Breakfast Buffet was served there.

The hotel provides towels, a roll of toilet paper, sachets of shampoo with conditioner and the thinnest bar or rather “slice” of soap I ever saw. Hubs and I shared a good laugh when he said he had a hard time picking it up from the shower floor when it fell. 😀

The souvenir shop has some snacks, toiletries and what have yous. You can also buy from the hotel lobby since the souvenir shops are located way up in the hills. Don’t expect any carinderias or other stores as there really isn’t any… or maybe we just didn’t see.

Do take the day tour. Even if you’ll be passing the tourist spots and running around the island during the race, it’s nicer to have more knowledge to what they’re all about. Plus you have more time to take pictures, too.


Given a choice between the hotel or tent accommodation, I’d go for the tent. It’s cheaper and you get to mingle more with other runners present at the campsite. Besides, you’re required to check-out prior to gunstart making your stay at the hotel really short. You get to shower in the campsite showers after the race.
The campsite is also located beside the beach that you can try taking a dip if you feel like it. There’s a lot of toilets and shower cubicles in the campsite although I did feel so exposed using the shower cubicle after the race as it was right next to a hill. Anyone up on the hill would’ve had a pretty good view of everything. 😮

You’ll be given a suggested program to follow, but I opted to use a simpler one. Heat train especially if you’re not used to it. Try doing some hills. Try running on trail as well and perhaps on tall grass, too.

It really depends on the runner. It will be hot so, if you’re the type who doesn’t like being exposed under the sun, wear long sleeved shirts or shirts and arm sleeves. Wear shades if the bright sun has an effect on you.
I think one can survive the route without having to wear a hydration belt because the hydration stations are sufficient enough, but if you want to be sure, one hydration bottle will do.

We left after we were done with the race. Others stayed for another day and got to be part of the launch of the Corregidor Half Marathon at night.


* Photo credit: Giancarlo Martelino

Seemed fun.
Will try.
Perhaps next time?

Hope this helped.



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